Portskewett & Sudbrook Heritage Centre

The full website is available here

Portskewett is a small village in Monmouthshire, located along the banks of the River Severn – facing across from Bristol and Avonmouth. Although small, it has a rich a varied history. From the home of the Celts to Roman hillforts, from King Harold to King Charles, there are many locations of historical significance that still exist in the area today.

The overall aim of the brief is to raise awareness of the local history and the various sites of interest to both local residents and outside visitors.

The brief is ongoing and split into several stages of deployment, defined in the brand strategy document I created after my initial design research stage.

Stage 1:

  • Re-brand the local heritage committee
  • Design and deploy brand new website

Stage 2:

  • Improve the user experience at the sites of interest