Marblr is a self-initiated project which focuses on developing a solution to the problem of holiday planning and the  complications of sifting through reams of online information.

I began by writing myself a small brief:

Since the rise of smartphones and social media, people want relevant content and want it immediately. Sifting through a big heavy travel guide, making notes and lugging it around with you on holiday is a stress we don’t need. As consumers in 2016, we aren’t willing to wait for what we want to see, buy – why should travelling be any different? Solve this problem and create a new type of guide to benefit a traveller of the 21st century.

After lots of ideation I came up with the name “Marblr”. This is a play upon the idea that the world looks like a “big blue marble”. I created a logo that suited the idea of the app and started to develop the visual style. I wanted it to be clean and playful but used photos to make it relevant to the travels the users would be going on.

As this developed I realised that it could quite easily become a social network where users could share content with each other as well as potentially contributing to trips jointly.

Throughout the process of designing the app and the workflow, it became much bigger than I first imagined. However, I believe it solves the brief of creating a useable and portable travel guide that serves the user only with content they want to see.

My solution to this problem developed far beyond what I was aiming for and ended up becoming a self-recycling, user-generated travel guide and app.