Caldicot Castle AFC

This football club were in need of a re-brand for a for key reasons. The old brand had been designed some time in the 1980s and hadn’t been updated since then. It displayed a tower from the castle – for some reason, it was crumbling. The emblem of a castle falling down didn’t really display a good impression for either fans or players.

So my challenge was to bring the brand up to date and to install a sense of pride and confidence in the club.

I took inspiration from the local history of the area and of course the original crest but aimed to infuse them with a sense of the 21st Century.

The result is a crest that hints at heritage and strength but using flat colours to give a modern feel.

Within two years of the club being re-branded, they had attracted so many talented new players and they won the treble! If that’s not the power or branding, I don’t know what is!